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I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. The attractions of electronics and, later, computers (I never really recovered from seeing my first computer at the tender age of eighteen) resulted in me being transferred to various parts of Australia, notably Moree (New South Wales) and Carnarvon (Western Australia) with Australia's then-international-communications entity, the Overseas Telecommunications Commission (OTC). Some time in 1984 I decided I'd had enough of small country towns, so I quit my job and moved to Perth, Western Australia, and spent several years studying with no visible result. Running out of money fast, I finally found a job at Curtin University of Technology in Perth as a Senior Technical Officer in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, where I spent most of my time peering blearily at computers and trying to stay out of the sunlight.

There matters stood until May, 1997, when I met (on-line, of course!), my future wife Carol. The only problem with our relationship was that she lived in Massachusetts, USA (almost the antipodes of Perth, Western Australia)! We began to write regularly to each other, and, as the relationship deepened, began to advise each other on problems we were experiencing with the characters we were trying to date at the time. I think it was some time in late June or early July that we both realised we were far more suited to each other than to the people we were dating.

Yes, the distance was a problem, but there was something about Carol that I couldn't resist. I knew I had to meet her in person, so I managed to arrange a three-month visit to her, arriving on November 10, 1997. Sigh. The next three months were hectic but unforgettable; and before I had to return to Australia, and realising that we needed to be together, we decided that we would marry and that I would move to America.

Ron in Perth-Pre-Carol


Arriving back in Australia in early February, 1998, we began the arduous task of arranging my US visa. I have never had to fill in so much paperwork in my entire life! I had to collect a bewildering array of certificates, police clearances and so on. This took quite a while, as you can imagine, and coupled with the fact that it takes longer to wind up one's affairs than you probably think, it wasn't until the evening of October 6, 1998 that I arrived at Logan Airport in Boston, and Carol and I were reunited at last.

We were married on Halloween (October 31), and you can find some wedding photos here.

Ron's System of Choice!



I was born in Brockton, Massachusetts, the first child of Annie and Arthur Reno. Dad had just returned back for the "Big War", that's WWII to you and me. Before you knew it I had a brother and dad packed us up to move to Boston. At the ripe age of 11 I now had 2 brothers and a baby sister and we were packed up again to move back to Brockton.

I graduated Brockton High School in 1965 and met my first husband. (It sounds like I have a lot of them doesn't it? However, even if my Ron is number 2 , he is first, last, and always in my heart.) I had three children, two boys, Lenny and Deric and a daughter, Aimee. In 1976, after 9 years the marriage ended and I moved back to Brockton, via a uhaul truck.

Shortly after I arrived I got a job through CETA (a federal program to integrate low income workers in human services) and started working for Self Help, Inc. as the Assitant Director of Public Relations. After the end of my CETA placement I was hired by Self Help and have been here ever since, a total of 28 years. I am now the Director of Planning and Program Development as well as Webmaster, Contract Negotiator and any other job nobody in the agency wants.

I met my Ron on the Internet in 1997. You can read Ron's column to get the details. It was the best thing I ever could have done. Ron is my soul mate and after six years of marriage, every day that passes, I marvel at how much more I love him and how lucky I am.

Ron and I are the proud grandparents of 4 beautiful children and are expecting our 5th grandson to be born some time in June, 2005. Our grandchildren include:


age 8


age 3


age 3

Deric Jr.

age 3 months